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Durarara!! Volume 7

Hi all.

I recently decided that I couldn't wait for people to continue their translations of this volume, and so, though I'm quite inexperienced, I decided to start reading it in its original Japanese.
I also thought that it might be fun, and helpful to my learning, to try and translate it myself, along the way.
I never expected to actually finish translating it, or really, to even be able to read all of it, but I somehow got through it eventually.

Please keep some things in mind if you decide to read this:
- I have not been learning Japanese for very long. This means that this translation took me a LONG time. I had to use a program to help me with a huge amount of the kanji present in the book. This also means that there were some sentences throughout the novel that I... really just didn't understand. For these cases, I tried my best to give something that I thought made sense, but for the sake of transparency, I will mark these parts, so that people know they may not be getting a perfect translation (Luckily this didn't happen in any truly important plot points)

- I have never, ever, ever translated anything even NEARLY as long as this. This means that there are going to be some oddities, like repeated grammar, fluctuations in quality of prose, blah blah blah. I'm sorry, but I'm no professional.

- I wanted to try and translate things like honorifics, and Japanese concepts as well, but at some point, I decided this would be much too hard for my poor little brain. I tried to go back and change everything to suit my new style of translating, but I may have missed some things. Please forgive.

- Never uploaded stuff like this before, so I don't know what people usually do. I just uploaded all illustrations to an image sharing site, then linked them in the text for now. Sorry. Also, there are some images with text that I haven't translated yet. Again, I will get around to those when I have the time.

- I am open to constructive criticism. Quite open.

That is probably not all that I had meant to say, but it is all I can think of.
I'm actually putting this up in a bit of a rush, as I have to be away from the internet for a while after this. This means I probably won't be able to reply to anything, after tomorrow maybe.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. I haven't translated the afterword yet, but I will get around to it when I can.

Ok so after all this, I realised I don't know how to use Live Journal at all. Used Google Docs instead, but I'm kinda bad at that as well, so the format is a bit yucky, I'm sorry. I'll try to fix it later if I can.

Prologue + Cover Illustrations -
Stranger Days α -
Everyday Life A -
Everyday Life B -
Everyday Life C -
Everyday Life D -
Epilogue & Next Prologue -
Afterword - When I have time.

Ok looks like I don't even have enough time to put footnotes for a few things that I wanted to. I am very sorry. Still putting them up on here because I believe something is better than nothing, and because I just finished translating after a lot of work, so I just wanted to finally get it out.

Thanks for reading this post and/or my translation, if either.
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